About Me

It is a great honor to meet you through this Web of our Company.  PT.Lagoa Sinar Samudera Energy with had set our minds upon sailing our ships across the waters especially in Indonesia. Since then we did the very best to keeping our commitments.
Entering a new era where technology strides forward with giant steps into a global universe, we will maintain our course, keeping ears and eyes wide open and ready to welcome whichever changes adaptable.

Our Vision
PT. Lagoa Sinar Samudera Energy determined to keep up grading it’s ability in order to be a Lease of coal company and also to be a consolidator for our customers.

“Think Fast and Trustworthy”
We are doing our job according to our company motto, Think Fast and Trustworthy. Our service is fast to serve customer request and make decisions for good relationship to our customer. Trustworthy, because we specialized ourselves in coal and always provide the best services to guarantee the quality of Coal

Our Services
Our range of services is Coal mining
Considering  the use of vessel would require good maintenance, PT. Lagoa Sinar Samudera Energy  builds important infrastructures to guarantee maximum service.
The Customers Satisfaction is our commitment.


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